Strong Rooms & Vaults

Safes International are experts in the design, build and installation of high security, prefabricated and modular strong rooms having successfully completed projects for clients across the UK.

If you are looking for a higher level of security, strong rooms and vaults are the perfect solution. These high quality, secure structures enable the storage of large amounts of cash, high-value items and controlled drugs away from the risk of theft, attack or hostage taking. 

Our strongrooms can be custom built to meet your requirements using

  • Modern methods
  • Robust materials
  • Expert technicians
Each strong room is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes with a number of door location and locking options and also the option to extend the strongroom at a later date.  

Our highly trained installations team can erect your strongroom or vault in an existing building or  assemble it in the open. 

To find out more about our individual strong room and vault options get in touch and we can talk you through which strong room option would be best suited for your needs.


Safe Deposit Centre Installation

Safe Deposit Vaults

Eight weeks is all we need to design, build and install state of the art safe deposit vaults to your specifications. We offer a one stop solutions from designing and installing the strongrooms and safety deposit boxes to providing ballistic one-way vision panels and full automated access control solutions so you need look no further for the complete solution.  

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Strong rooms and vaults