Security Doors

We have a wide range of high-grade Security Doors available which can provide exceptional security measures for your premises. Ensuring the forefront of your premises, or any restricted areas within your premises are sufficiently secured from unauthorised access, in addition to heat and fire damage where fire protection is available, is essential for achieving peace of mind.

We offer both LPCB Approved Security Rated Doors, and LPCB Approved Wooden Security Doors, which are both available in ratings SR2 to SR6, providing the ideal solution for a variety of requirements, especially as our LPCB Approved Security Doors are ideal for medium to high-risk environments. The LPCB approval means that these doors have fulfilled LPS 1175 standards, providing peace of mind that our Security Doors are tested and certified to provide high-security protection for your property. 

In addition to our SR Rated Doors, we also offer standard Steel Security Doors and Bespoke Security Doors. Our Steel Security Doors are constructed with high-quality gauge steel and offer the perfect solution for low to medium risk environments and are available as either a single or double door set with a variety of locking options available. 

Bespoke Steel Doors provide the optimum solution for premises where specific regulations need to be upheld, such as listed buildings or properties with tailored access requirements. We can provide our Bespoke Steel Doors with fire protection and a range of locking options for the customer to choose from, in addition to manufacturing these to meet SR2 to SR6 standards. 

Want to find out more about our range of Security Doors, give us a call on 0141 554 1170.

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