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Winter Security for Farmers and Landowners

Last updated: 7.26pm, Monday 19th November 2018 by

It’s typical isn’t it? No sooner have we seen some pleasant weather does the world start talking about winter. No matter how much we try to cling onto the summer that almost never was, it’s time to face the fact that winter is just around the corner and farmers and landowners need to be prepared.

The Master Locksmiths Association recently released advice to farmers and landowners, particularly those in rural Scotland, explaining how to protect their assets as the nights get darker. This advice came as statistics reveal that rural theft numbers continue to rise with the cost of crime in these areas tipping £800m. That’s an average of £2,500 per household.

The MLA’s advice included tips about buying locks for doors and gates. They insisted that people should not be miserly when it comes to purchasing locks to protect their property. High quality padlocks and chains will prove a much better investment than cheap ones when protecting your livestock. Homes and outbuildings should be secured by two professionally fitted locks to ensure ultimate security. The MLA also stress that fittings and repairs should always be completed by a qualified professional to avoid affecting your insurance premiums.

For storing guns and other important equipment, security cabinets are an ideal solution. They are water resistant and can also offer protection from fire making them highly popular with farmers and rural landowners. Thieves in rural areas tend to strike more often at night meaning equipment needs to be locked away at close of play each day.

To monitor your property when you’re asleep or away, alarms and CCTV systems are recommended. While no one wants to think their land or property may be targeted by thieves, an alarm or CCTV system could prove vital should the worst happen. They also urge landowners to make a small investment in outdoor lighting and motion sensors which is a proven deterrent to burglars.

It may have been a long time since you checked the security of your land and property so while you might think it’s up to scratch, there could be some “rusted locks, chains, hasps and staples, cracked panes of glass and rotted frames and sills” which are “all features that opportunistic thieves look out for, so it’s essential to perform regular and thorough maintenance checks” say the MLA.

If you require assistance of qualified professionals and MLA approved locksmiths, call Safes International Scotland. We are industry leaders in the supply, delivery and installation of a wide range of safes, cabinets and access control solutions as well as service and maintenance of security products. For more information, take a look around our website or call 0141 554 1170 to speak to a sales advisor.

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