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What is biometric security?

Last updated: 7.25pm, Monday 19th November 2018 by

Biometric technology is the technical term for the use of fingerprints, iris or other identifiable characteristics associated with the human body being used for access control.
This type of technology has only been made possible over the last few decades. However in 1858 the civil service of India began using handprints in order to identify its workers on their pay checks. This is believed to be the first use of biometrics as a form of identification. In 1960 automated finger recognition was pushed by the FBI so that the automated system would reduce the amount of man hours required.

You may be familiar with biometric technology due to its appearances in the media such as in films and TV shows. Popular films including this technology are the James Bond series and Kingsman: The Secret Service. These films use this technology to grant access to closed off areas, or to verify their identity. 

This technology is also now used on the later versions of the iPhone. These phones have the option of using your fingerprint as a way of accessing the contents of the phone instead of using a passcode. This can reduce the likelihood of forgetting your passcode or wrongly entering it which can result in locking yourself out of your phone. 

Biometric technology is a convenient, high security technique that reduces the possibility of fraudulent access or activity. It is also seen to be better than standard keys or other forms of security due to the appearance factor.

At Safes International we have a wide variety of security solutions for you to choose from whether that be standard key locks or even biometric fingerprint recognition for your safes. We have every kind of security product you could possibly need to feel like a secret agent such as James Bond or even supervillain like Valentine in Kingsman: The Secret Service. 

To find out more on the various security solutions we offer visit or call 0141 554 1170 

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