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We offer a wide range of small safes for home or business use

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Small safes provide the ideal security solution for many domestic and commercial properties. Having a small safe installed within your premises to store valued assets will prevent security risks. Whether you are looking to protect valuable possessions within your home or business, having a small safe will prevent valued goods, cash and important documentation from loss, theft or damage. At Safes International, we have a wide range of small safes available to suit all of our client’s secure storage needs.

With our vast array of small safes suited for both home and business use, our clients can rest assured that the ideal security storage solution for their needs can be found at Safes International. Ensuring that your home security or business security is up to scratch and meets the appropriate level for your safe storage needs is essential in order to ensure that assets and important documentation can be sufficiently stored and protected. Safe storage for valuables is crucial for achieving peace of mind that your home or business is sufficiently secure and at a significantly lower risk of valued assets being breached. Having a small safe to protect your valuables, and store cash and important documentation securely will reduce the likelihood of any damage of these valued items and documentation, as they will be appropriately stored in your small safe away from harms reach.

Our wide range of small safes can be fitted with a number of locking options, to allow our clients to choose the best option for their needs and preferences. We offer electronic locks with digital keypads, standard key locking mechanisms, combination locks and even biometric locks in some cases. All of our locks are certified to VdS standards, and provide a high-security locking option for your small safe, choosing which lock to have fitted is entirely down to preference. By offering our clients a wide range of key lock safes, electronic lock safes and combination or biometric locking safes, we ensure that all of our client’s needs can be fully met at Safes International. Not only do we offer a wide range of locking options for our small safes, but we can even fit deposit features to a selection of our small safes. Having a deposit option manufactured into your security safe provides a simple way to protect your valuables and store cash and important documentation within your small security safe without having to access the body of the safe.

Having a compact safe installed within your premises allows for the secure storage of valued items without the requirement for a large space for your security solution. A small safe can provide the perfect amount of cash cover for the items you need to store, in addition to providing a safe storage solution for your home or business.

Our small safes not only protect your valuables from loss or theft, but can also protect your valuables from fire and water damage. A range of our small safes come with fire- and water-resistant materials manufactured into the body of the security safe, to prevent any heat, fire or water damage to the safe and the valued inside.

If your home or business could benefit from the installation of a small safe from our wide range of security safes and products, then get in touch with a member of our expert safes team today to discuss your requirements. With the ability to choose your locking option from our range of key locking safes, electronic locking safes & combination or biometric locking safes, the option to add deposit features and the choice of protecting your valuables from fire or water damage, Safes International has everything you could possibly need to secure your valued possessions within your home or business.

Give us a call on 0141 554 1170 to find out more about our range of small safes and receive advice on the best security safe for your needs.

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