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The benefits of a fireproof safe

Last updated: 12.50pm, Thursday 22nd February 2018 by

At Safes International, we have a wide range of security products available, including fireproof safes. These products have been manufactured to meet a range of varying needs our client’s may have. In the modern era, digital media is highly popular, however, it is also highly susceptible to damage from fire or even in low levels of heat or humidity. In order to combat this damage, we at Safes International, have designed a range of fireproof safes to ensure that the contents, whether it be digital or paper, is protected from damage. 

How would a fireproof safe provide benefits? 

Fireproof safes are constructed from galvanised steel plates and have a virtually airtight recessed curvature door which enables the safe to prevent the spread of fire and smoke to the inside of the safe, and therefore protects the contents from damage. The safes are also constructed with an added fire-resistant layer of insulation which helps to repel heat, allowing both paper and digital media to be sufficiently protected from any fire damage or destruction caused by the fire.

These fireproof safes are highly beneficial in both domestic and commercial environments as they provide an added layer of security protection for the valuable assets stored within the safe. Unfortunately, fires aren’t something that can always be prevented, however, ensuring that the contents of your safe are kept safe from the fire is possible with these safes. In business environments, a fire could cause extensive damage to the business financially, by taking the appropriate measures to secure your business's assets, you could prevent this financial blow from causing too much distress.

Having a fireproof safe installed within your home or business will guarantee a higher level of security protection can be met and help to provide peace of mind that the contents of your safe are secured against theft and damage in uncontrollable circumstances.

Many of the fireproof safes that we have to offer are suitable for both domestic and commercial use and also come in a variety of grades which also provide a cash rating and valuables rating, which allows the contents of the safe to also be covered via your insurance. 

Would a fireproof safe benefit your needs? 

Looking for the ideal security solution for your home or your business can be a daunting task but a fireproof safe is always a safe bet! Our range of fireproof safes at Safes International provides a high-security solution for the storage of your cash, valuables and any assets which may need protecting. View our range of fireproof safes or check out our full product and service range to find the best solution to suit your needs. If you need any further assistance then just get in touch and our team will be able to help you out, call us on 0141 554 1170 or email

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