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Some of the highest security prisons

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Security at prison facilities is, obviously, one of the most important and well thought out factors to consider when setting up the facility. Security guards, CCTV, electric fences, barbed wire and so much more is put into place to ensure that prisoners have no way out. Due to the violent and sometimes barbaric crimes committed by these prisoners, high-security facilities have had to be commissioned to ensure the perimeter is non-penetrable. 

ADX Florence

This high-security prison facility was opened in 1994, technically named as The United State Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Facility. It is located in the South of Florence, in Colorado. This all male prison houses just 459 prisoners who have been deemed too dangerous to be held in other high-security facilities, and require a certain level of control.

As of March 2014, ADX also houses a lesser security facility, which currently holds more prisoners than the maximum security unit.

The facility houses leaders of violent gangs such as Larry Hoover (of the Gangster Disciples) along with foreign and domestic terrorists, some of which were included in the 9/11 bombings and the 1993 World Trade bombing.

Inmates are confined within specially designed cells for 23 hours per day, the hour they are not confined is for showering, exercise and, for some with privileges, a phone call.

The layout of a prison cell in ADX Florence Maximum Security Prison

Alcatraz Island

This island prison is located just off the coast of San Francisco’s shores and was built in the 1860’s. It was taken over by the government in 1933 and originally consisted of a lighthouse, military prison and a military base. From the takeover in 1933, the island was operating as a ‘supermax’ facility which housed ‘celebrity inmates’ for the next 30 years. These inmates included Al Capone and Machine Gun Kelly who were held at the prison until its closure in 1963.

During its time as a federal prison, they claimed that there were no successful escapes by prisoners, however at least 36 inmates made 14 attempts at escape. Of these 36 inmates that attempted to flee, 23 were caught alive, 6 were shot and killed, 2 drowned and 5 are suggested to be ‘missing and presumed drowned’.

The prison's closure in 1963 was due to the extensive cost of running the facility, which equalled around $10 per prisoner per day, in contrast to $3 per prisoner per day at facilities in Atlanta, along with the erosion of buildings on the site due to the salt water surrounding the island. San Francisco citizens also protested the environmental damages the facility was causing due to the release of sewage from the island reaching the shores.

Alcatraz Island, the maximum security prison located on a island 2.5km from the shores of San Francisco

La Sante Prison

Located in the centre of Paris, this prison was built in 1867. It is still, to this day, one of the most secure prisons in the world. The facility is almost exempt to escape attempts despite its location. However, on the 8th May 1978, Jacques Mesrine, known as ‘the man of many faces’, along with 2 other prisoners, managed to breach the perimeter and escape. He was finally caught and killed in a shootout with police on the 2nd November 1979.

The facility was used during World War II by the occupying Germans, who utilised the prison as a detention centre for anyone not seeming to comply with their occupation.

Jacques Mesrine pictured inside La Sante Prison, Paris from which he successfully escaped

Turning your home or business into that of a prison grade facility might not be your first port of call, however ensuring that your premises is properly secured should be. By putting some simple security measures in place, you can reduce the likelihood of your property becoming a target for burglars.

Installing a domestic or commercial safe inside the premises can help to keep the most valued, important or expensive items you own safe from theft or being misplaced. Safes are the most efficient way of protecting what matters most and provide peace of mind that anything locked inside is sufficiently secure.

View our range of domestic and commercial safes along with the services we offer at Safes International. Alternatively, you can contact us to find out more information or call 0141 554 1170 for any questions or queries. 

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