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Security Solutions for Hotels

Last updated: 7.28pm, Monday 19th November 2018 by

Summer is upon us and those in the UK hotel industry are gearing up for a busy one with 36.7m foreign tourists expected to visit Britain this year. While owners and managers nationwide are making last minute updates to their hotels, Safes International give a run-down of the vital security solutions needed for businesses to ensure that your guests’ and your own assets are protected this summer.

Hotel Room Safes

For security conscious hotel guests, it has now become common practice to store passports, cash, jewellery and other valuable items in a safe during their stay. These safes are often located in cupboards or wardrobes in order to remain discrete. For this reason, smaller, more compact safes are preferred and should be bolted down in order to prevent unauthorised removal. By having safes in every room of your hotel you will promote a safe environment in which your guests can have peace of mind throughout their stay.

Emergency Exit Doors

Within the guidelines to fire safety in European hotels its states that “escape routes should be protected against the ingress of fire and/or smoke by the use of fire resisting enclosures”. By installing fire doors at emergency exits and between corridors you can ensure that should a fire break out in the building, it will be contained to one area resulting in minimal damage and protecting evacuating guests.

Access Control

Sometimes it is vital for areas of your hotel to remain only accessible to staff. Sophisticated access control systems can easily be installed onto doors to restricted areas and can even provide a full audit of who has had access to that location and when.

Cash Safes

Hotels store a great deal of petty cash and valuables in back offices meaning a secure storage solution is needed. Graded safes provide the required levels of protection for this and you can often get the contents insured for added peace of mind. This will also allow for the storage of guests’ credit cards in the event of them being held for a deposit.

Security Cabinets

Security is vital when sensitive information is handled. Security cabinets can provide a high level of protection against theft and damage and some can even come with fire resistance. As well as secure, lockable filing cabinets, other security cabinets which are useful for the hotel industry are first aid/controlled drugs cabinets. These cabinets can ensure that first aid is accessible when necessary by an authorised first aider but restricts access by other parties.

Key Safes

When large quantities of keys need to be stored securely and in a specific order, key safes and key cabinets are a great solution. They allow the orderly storage of one to thousands of keys and can be secured by a fully audited electronic lock. Some key cabinets also allow for the storage of keys in separate compartments to provide different levels of access for staff.

Safes International

Safes International is Scotland’s leading supplier of a wide range of sophisticated security products aimed at the hotel industry. Take a look at our website to browse some of the products we offer or request a copy of our product guide. For more information about our bespoke solutions, call our sales team on: 0141 554 1170.

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