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Second-hand safes provide high-security for homes or businesses

Last updated: 11.01am, Thursday 3rd January 2019 by

Are you searching for a secure yet affordable storage solution? Here at Safes International we have an array of second-hand safes, offering secure storage solutions for our clients at an affordable rate.

To many, second-hand safes may be perceived as less secure when comparing to a newly manufactured safe. However, we can assure you that our reconditioned second-hand safes meet both European and British standards for the reconditioning of safes.

Here at Safes International, we appreciate that purchasing a high standard safe can be costly. That is why we ensure that our second-hand safes offer affordability, whilst upholding the high levels of security that newly manufactured safes provide. We ensure that our second-hand safes reflect our customer needs, offering high standard solutions at a competitive rate.

When reconditioning our second-hand safes, our expert engineers and locksmiths ensure that the structure of our safes, including hinges, key locks and material meet stringent requirements, ensuring the safe functions as new. Within the reconditioning of our second-hand safes, the repair and replacement of our interior and exterior structures will be completed to ensure that the quality reflects a brand-new manufactured safe.

Along with providing second-hand safes which offer the security of a newly manufactured safe, we ensure that our safes meet our customer requirements. When renovating the locking system of our second-hand safes, we offer a variety of locking techniques. These techniques include generic key locks, locking combinations or digital systems. We believe that this will fulfil your personal requirements and security needs purchasing our second-hand safes.

Here at Safes International we believe in recycling both our safes and parts and transforming them into second-hand high standard safes. Not only do we fulfil our mission by reconditioning our second-hand safes, we also cater to our customer needs by offering affordability. We understand that many safes are out of reach to some individuals from the level of investment required. That is why we offer affordability to ensure that those seeking security of cash and valuables is available, through our second-hand safes.

Whether you are searching for a commercial or domestic safe, our second-hand safes offer the ideal option to fulfil your high security needs. With their high-quality functionality, secure structures, affordable prices, stringent testing and environmentally friendly processes, our second-hand safes offer idyllic security to protect your valuables.

If you believe that you’d benefit from our second-hand safes, contact our expert team today to discuss your security needs on 0141 554 1170 or email We can advise you of the most appropriate second-hand safes from our range of secure storage solutions to fulfil your security requirements and budget.

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