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Protecting Your Home From Burglary

Last updated: 2.06pm, Thursday 30th August 2018 by

No one wants to find out their home has been burgled as this takes away the sense of security that you so desire within your home. Preventing this from happening may be easier than you would think, by implementing a few simple home security strategies you can help to prevent your home becoming a target for burglars. 

Think Like A Burglar

Scoping out the exterior of your home will help to determine any weak areas in the security. By checking out the access points and external areas in which a burglar could gain entrance or a view into your home, this will help to highlight areas which need an increase in security. 

Exterior Security 

Securing down any furniture in the back garden will prevent intruders using this as a booster to gain access through windows or higher access areas. Along with burglars using your garden furniture to their advantage, they could also try to steal it. Bolt the furniture to the ground to prevent either of these things from occurring.

Using lighting outside your home, such as motion sensor detection will likely scare burglars off. The ideal situation for a burglar would be a dark or dimly lit area, as this means they’re unlikely to be spotted lurking around people’s homes. Using motion sensor lighting will draw attention to anyone trying to get close to your property, likely deterring burglars from trying.

Similarly to lighting, burglars also like places to hide. By trimming back hedges and keeping your garden neat and tidy, you take away any hiding opportunities for burglars. If your garden looks in good shape and well maintained, this is likely to reflect that the home is occupied and hasn’t been left unattended for long periods of time, which also works well as a deterrent. 

Neighbourhood Watch 

Get to know your neighbours. Crime tends to occur less frequently in areas with tight communities, as it is more likely that neighbours will keep an eye on other people’s homes and alert authorities if they see anything suspicious. By joining or starting a neighbourhood watch group, this will not only protect your homes but it will also bring neighbours closer together.

Window Security 

Cover windows to garages and sheds with blinds or frosted glass. By leaving the windows uncovered, this allows intruders to view everything inside and determine whether breaking in would be worth their while. Keeping the glass concealed will prevent any unwanted visitors peering inside and help to protect the garage or shed’s contents. 

Securing Your Valuables

By putting some of these simple security measures in place, it can help to prevent your home from becoming a target for burglars. However, should an intruder gain access it would be wise to have a home safe installed in order to ensure protection for any valuables within the home.

A home safe provides ideal protection for any valued items, important documents or even sentimental items lying around the home. By storing these inside your home safe, you can be sure that the contents are protected whether your home is broken into or not.

At Safes International Scotland, we have a wide range of home safes available to suit all needs and requirements.

Find out more about our range of home safes at Safes International Scotland, or get in touch to discuss your requirements and achieve peace of mind, call us on 0141 554 1170.

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