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Panic Room - Security systems in the media

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The film Panic Room which came out in 2002 features several security solutions in and around the house. In the film actress Jodie Foster, who is playing Meg Altman is searching for a new house with her 11 year old daughter Sarah, played by Kristen Stewart. They tour a luxurious four-storey brownstone house and are shown the master bedroom, which houses an interesting commodity. A panic room.

This panic room was, as told by the realtor, built in to the home as the previous owner was a reclusive millionaire. He wanted the panic room built in order to act as a safeguard against intruders. The walls were made using four inches of steel in order to prevent any intruders being able to penetrate through and gain access into the room. This state of the art panic room also features an impressive set of security systems, including a separate phone line and security cameras situated throughout the townhouse.

As the film progresses, after agreeing to move into this enormous house immediately, Meg attempts to set up the phone line in the panic room before giving up and going to bed. Upon lying down she realises that she has left the light on by the surveillance screens and gets up to turn it off. What she was unaware of at this time was that 3 men had broken into the home. These 3 men consisted of the grandson of the previous owner, an employee of the security system with which the panic room was fitted & an accomplice that Junior (the grandson) brought along with him. They are supposedly trying to recover $3 million in bearer bonds that are stashed in an underground safe in the panic room. It is later revealed in the film that this figure is actually $22 million.

As she moves towards the light switch and flicks it off she spots the men on the surveillance screens. Thankfully due to the multiple cameras that are fitted all over the home, Meg has full view of their location. Meg runs to grab Sarah and they manage to make it into the lift in the home before being caught. However as there are 2 burglars chasing them – the other remaining guard downstairs, they realise that getting out of the lift will result in them being captured. Sarah’s quick thinking results in them reversing the lift moving them back upwards towards the master bedroom. This bought them just enough time as the burglars run down the stairs to catch them at the bottom. The girls manage to get inside the panic room by barricading doors on their way to slow the burglars down just in time.

Although this is not where the film ends and Meg does leave the panic room in order to obtain Sarah’s diabetes medicine, this would have been the perfect way for the mother and daughter to remain safe. By having all of these security systems installed in their home it saved them from being in danger when intruders were in the home. The benefit of CCTV in the home provided Meg with the knowledge that there were intruders so that she could get to safety, however a burglar alarm would have also done this. As one of the burglars was a family member of the previous owner, he knew the whereabouts of the underfloor safe, usually this would not be the case. Having a safe of any kind installed in your home can provide a wealth of benefits as it can be used to store valuable items or important documents and paperwork.

If you would like your home to be as secure as the home in Panic Room was then why not visit or call us on 0141 554 1170. We can provide security solutions to rival that of those in the film such as strong rooms & vaults, access control systems and a wide variety of safes.

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