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Online and Offline Business Security Tips

Last updated: 2.04pm, Thursday 30th August 2018 by

Nowadays, both online and offline security for your business is crucial in order to protect the company and its assets. Keeping the cyber security of your business secured is just as important as physical security in this day and age. We’ve put together some highly beneficial security tips in order to help your business to continue to grow and avoid falling victim to online and offline crime!


Ensuring Your Cyber Security Measures Are Effective

With a lot of businesses turning to technology to store important or confidential data and documents, it has never been more crucial to ensure cybersecurity is up to scratch. Ensuring that the most up to date firewalls are in place, along with using strong, robust passwords will help to prevent hackers getting into your systems. Passwords are more secure when they are made up of a random combination of words such as “coffeekeysmile”.

Make sure that any data on your servers is regularly backed up, this will ensure that any documents that are lost or stolen due to a hack, can be recovered. Ensure that you back your data up in a separate location, so hackers wouldn’t be able to access both areas.

One weak spot in a lot of businesses cybersecurity tends to be emails. Training staff on how to avoid phishing scams and enabling a security solution which can verify the origins of the email will help in spotting which emails are legitimate and which aren’t.

Keeping Up To Date With Physical Business Security

Preventing an intruder gaining access to your business will provide several benefits for your company, along with protecting the data, goods, and technology stored inside the building. By thinking like a burglar and assessing the exterior of your property, this can highlight any weak spots where an increase in security would be required.

The exterior of your property should be well lit and trimmed to remove the opportunity for burglars to lurk around in the dark or in the bushes. Business owners must continually evaluate the security systems they have in place to determine whether security could be improved.

Install CCTV systems in all areas to keep an eye on the business when you’re not there or look out for any suspicious activity surrounding your property. By having CCTV systems installed, this will also provide detailed evidence for the authorities of any crime your business may become subject to.

Access control systems will prevent intruders or unauthorised personnel getting into prohibited areas if they were to get inside the property somehow.

Ensuring Valuables Are Secure

Installing a commercial safe will provide peace of mind that any valued items left inside the premises overnight or when you’re not there will remain secure. A commercial safe is an ideal way to protect petty cash, important documents or pieces of technology which would otherwise be left insecure. By having a commercial safe installed within the building, this will ensure that the most valuable items cannot be stolen regardless of whether an intruder does break in.

At Safes International Scotland, we have a wide range of commercial safes ideal for office environments, retail, and all other business settings.

Find out more about our range of commercial safes at Safes International Scotland, or get in touch to discuss your requirements, call 0141 554 1170.

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