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National Home Security Month – October 2017

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This month is national home security month for 2017, which means it is the best time to evaluate the security measures you have in place at your home and determine whether they could be improved upon. This month aims to provide insight, advice, and tips regarding how to stay safe as the darker nights have begun to draw in.

What Are The Top Home Security Tips

Keep It Locked 

Ensuring that all doors and windows are locked securely is crucial to keeping your home and belongings safe. By installing high-quality locking systems and remembering to double check that access points are locked when you’re not home or even not in the room will help to prevent an intruder getting in easily. It is important to check that locks aren’t damaged or susceptible to breaking as this provides a burglar with an advantage.

Keep It Lit 

Use light timers or just standard exterior lighting to ensure that there aren’t any dark spots surrounding the home in which a burglar could go undetected. Burglars love the dark so by taking this away from them, it is less likely that your home will become a victim of burglary. Motion sensor lighting works most efficiently as it comes on when movement is detected, so anyone approaching your home will be lit up for the whole street to see.

Keep Outbuildings Secure

Sheds and outbuildings may not be your first security priority, however, tools and equipment kept inside these outbuildings could be used by a burglar to their advantage and to gain access to your home. Bikes, gardening equipment, and furniture will always be a good target for a burglar should the outbuildings be left unlocked.

Regularly Maintain Burglar Alarms

Maintenance of burglar alarms is also crucial, ensuring they’re in good working condition could help to deter burglars from targeting your home. By ensuring that burglar alarms are always set and keeping track of when they were switched on and off should provide insight into their condition. Just having a burglar alarm installed isn’t enough to protect your home if they aren’t used or don’t work.

Increase Home Security

Having a home safe installed will provide added protection for any valuables and important documents within the home. By storing these within your home safe you can be sure that they will be protected even if an intruder does manage to gain access to the home.

However, just purchasing a home safe without having it professionally installed may not provide the full required protection. If someone did manage to break into your home and the safe was not secured the entire safe and its contents could be stolen.

At Safes International Scotland we have a team of professionally trained in-house engineers on hand to deliver and install a range of security products and solutions. We also have a range of insurance approved home safes to ensure that the contents can be sufficiently covered by your insurer.

Find out more about our products and services or get in touch to discuss your requirements, call 0141 554 1170.

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