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Is Your Security Up To Scratch?

Last updated: 3.06pm, Tuesday 18th September 2018 by

Whether you’re protecting your home or your business, ensuring you have adequate security in place is a high priority. With everything else going on in our lives, assessing security can often take a back seat. Today we’re going to take a look at the different levels of security protecting your valuables and how effective they are.

Vaults / Strong Rooms / Panic Rooms

When you have a large amount of valuables or a small amount of highly valuable items to store, vaults and strong rooms are a common solution. Commonly used by banks and museums, these highly secure structures enable you to store high-value items, large volumes of cash and controlled drugs away from the threat of attack, theft and/or hostage taking.

Vaults, strong rooms and panic rooms provide very high levels of protection

Graded Safes

Graded Safes

High security safes come in a wide range of grades. The grade refers to how much cash or valuables you can store inside it. If you’re looking to have the contents of your safe insured, your insurance company will usually advise you as to what grade of safe you need in order to be covered by their policy. In order to make the safes as secure as they can be, it is recommended that you have the safe installed by a professional. This installation will include the bolting down of the safe through the base (into a concrete floor or wooden floor joist) or through the rear (into a solid wall behind). Once the safe has been bolted down correctly, it will be incredibly difficult for an intruder to remove the safe as there is no leverage.

Graded safes provide high levels of protection

Cash Boxes

Cash boxes, or cash tins, are tin boxes used to store small amounts of cash at home or in a business that only keeps a few notes of petty cash on site. They are a low budget solution with boxes available in many high street stationers for less than £20. With them being so low budget however, the locks on cash boxes can sometimes be picked or the cash boxes themselves damaged. Those who use cash boxes usually need to store them within a locked drawer or cupboard to ensure the contents are protected.

Cash boxes provide medium levels of protection

Makeshift Solutions

Very often, you’ll be scrolling through the internet and you’ll come across someone’s ‘brilliant storage idea’. Oh look! Someone has turned a Pringles tin into a money safe or a clock into cupboard. While these ideas may be novel, they don’t offer a great amount of protection for your valuables. Just like storing your passports in a hollowed out book, these solutions may provide a hiding place should your home or business be struck by burglars but chances are, they may be discovered by the intruders when they can’t find what they’re looking for in plain sight.

Makeshift solutions provide low levels of protection

Safes International

Here at Safes International we offer a wide range of security solutions to provide protection for your home, business and valuables. From graded safes and cabinets to vaults and strong rooms, we provide standard and bespoke solutions for both domestic and commercial clients. For more information about the services we offer please browse our website and for all sales enquiries please call 0141 554 1170.

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