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How would a Strongroom benefit my business?

Last updated: 7.01pm, Monday 19th November 2018 by

A Strongroom is a high quality, secure structure that can be beneficial when there is a requirement to increase the security level inside a building which could have a significantly higher risk of theft, burglary or attack.

Strongrooms provide a greater level of security for any business or bank to use for keeping higher value items locked inside. This security measure would be perfect for the storage of large amounts of cash, high value items such as jewellery and electronics or important documentation such as staff records and the businesses legal information.

There are various different options of Strongroom doors you could have installed. Such as those with fire resistant and anti-explosive properties, which would ensure the contents of your Strongroom stayed protected. There are also several optional extras available to tailor the door to your exact needs and the needs of the business.

The strongrooms we offer at Safes International ( can all be custom built to ensure that your business is fully protected and that the Strongroom is appropriate for the requirements you may have. These custom built Strongrooms are made using modern methods and robust materials and are installed by our expect technicians and highly trained installation teams to make certain they are thoroughly secure and protected.

Our highly trained engineers and installation teams work all over the UK and can design and construct a Strongroom inside an existing building or it can be assembled in the open, we offer Strongrooms in a variety of shapes and sizes meaning that you can still keep your business secure even if you don’t have a lot of available space. We also offer the option to expand your Strongroom at a later date if you require more space to store items securely.

By choosing to install a Strongroom for your business you are further confirming the protection of the vital components that make your business what it is, whether that be cash, staff records or any legal documentation, it is important to keep it safe!

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