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How to protect your business

Last updated: 4.02pm, Tuesday 11th September 2018 by

Secure the premises –

In order to feel more secure in the building and protect your assets, it is wise to strengthen doors and ensure windows are fully secure with locks fitted to each of them, this will not only give you some peace of mind but also deter burglars. By installing a security alarm and/or CCTV this will provide video footage of any suspicious behaviour in or around your business and give you the ability to check what is happening when you are not there. Most burglaries are unplanned meaning that burglars are a lot less likely to target a business or home that has security systems in place as they won’t want to be caught. Don’t just stop at CCTV and security alarms though, display signs around your store/business advertising that there are security systems in place. This deters thieves even more as it reassures to them that they are being watched. If necessary we would also recommend installing a vault or strong room for bigger businesses if you are planning on storing higher value items and larger amounts of cash. Some companies are employing what they like to call, “secret security guards”. These security guards aren’t in uniform and just wander round your store keeping an eye on customers, this way you are able to catch out anyone who thinks they may be able to steal as they can’t see a security guard in uniform watching them.

Protect your staff and yourself –

Provide training for all staff on what to do if the event of a serious threat came about, it is better to lose some goods or cash rather than staff or yourself getting hurt trying to protect it. If this were to happen it is best to minimise the losses by keeping as little cash on site and in tills. If you have large amounts of cash on site it is wise to cash it into the bank to prevent being targeted for a large burglary. All staff should also be trained to recognise suspicious behaviour in store or in your business. By being aware of specific behavioural traits that burglars may exhibit, this reduces the likelihood of any theft occurring as staff can keep a close eye on anyone they believe to be acting suspiciously.

Secure your equipment –

Carry out regular property and equipment audits to ensure nothing has silently disappeared from your inventory without anyone realising. Computers, tablets and all electrical equipment should be tagged to ensure they can’t be removed from the property without being alerted. Serial numbers for all electronic equipment should also be recorded so that they can be tracked if they were ever to be stolen.

Prevent employee theft –

Carry out full background history checks before employing anyone to ensure that you are aware as an employer of any unspent convictions or any crime related history. This should be standard procedure before hiring as it could damage your business by employing people without first making sure that they are reliable and trustworthy. Enforce clear policies amongst staff regarding theft in the workplace and be prepared to support prosecution if theft were to occur. This will deter any thoughts of staff easily getting away with goods or cash from work. To make sure that all areas are secure, exercise caution when providing keys and access codes to doors ensuring that only the relevant staff can gain access. Keep a close watch over till money and petty cash as this is possibly the most vulnerable to employee theft, install CCTV camera’s behind tills so that you can watch over staff as well as customers/clients.


Prevent information theft –

Information about staff, the company or customers is just as vital to keep secure as the rest of your business, if stolen this could possibly lead to crime such as identity fraud and put your business in danger. Similarly to preventing employee theft, using access codes and password protection to block restricted files and documents will also prevent vital information being stolen. Install anti-virus software on all company computers, tablets and electronics to prevent access to any information through a virus taking control. To further fortify the protection of your company information, change the passwords on your devices regularly, this way past-employees or untrustworthy people who manage to find out the password won’t be able to gain regular access.

Shred documents –

Don’t just throw away documents that may contain company details, make sure anything with private or restricted information on it gets shredded. Any documents that you throw away without first destroying could fall into the wrong hands and end up costing you and your business. Invest in lockable filing cabinets for the documents that you need to keep so that they are secure.

At Safes International we offer a wide range of security solutions including lockable cabinets, strong rooms, vaults and standard safes to make sure that you have everything you could need in order to keep your business protected. Visit our website to browse through our selection or give us a call on 0141 554 1170 to discuss what you may need or what would benefit you and your company the most.   

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