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How Social Media Can Provide Security Benefits

Last updated: 4.26pm, Wednesday 4th October 2017 by

Social media is seen these days to be a high security risk due to many people posting their locations such as when they’re away on holiday, or uploading images of valuables which could lead to burglars targeting their homes. However, social media is starting to become a useful tool in helping to increase security within residential and even commercial areas. 

What To Avoid Posting

Before we get into the benefits that social media is beginning to provide in a security sense, it would be wise to cover some of the main things to avoid posting.


When going away on holiday it is now increasingly common to see posts on platforms such as Facebook of friends checking in to airports and advertising that they’ll be in the sun for 2 weeks. Although this may be something you’re excited about, you never know who could see that and use that opportunity to target your home.

Images Of Valuables

Birthdays and Christmas especially tend to be a common time for images shared including several expensive items and even cash at times. This, however, is just advertising online the goods in your home which could provide an incentive for burglars to break in.

Security Benefits Social Media Can Provide 

Although there are some flaws regarding security issues caused by social media there are now some benefits emerging. By utilising the available platforms many people have found benefits to the security of their homes and areas.

Online Communities

Groups created on platforms such as Facebook are being used more frequently in recent times to advertise lost items such as pets, or personal items. These platforms are also being used more commonly to alert others in the area of any spouts of burglary or suspicious activity occurring.

The insurance company, Together Mutual, found in research that 1 in 5 people are using online sites and social media to communicate with neighbours. Along with this finding, the research also found that 25% of people on these platforms are discussing security issues.

Neighbourhood Watch Groups

Some communities have taken to using social media apps such as WhatsApp to communicate with neighbours in place of a Neighbourhood Watch system. By having an easy platform in which to communicate any suspicious activity, burglaries or burglary attempts within the area.

Tighter communities tend to be less prone to burglary as it is likely that neighbours in the area will look out for each other and therefore keep an eye on unoccupied homes when necessary.

Improving Home Security

Using social platforms to discuss and keep watch for burglaries or dubious activity can assist in keeping your neighbourhood secure. However, keeping the contents of your home safe regardless is just as important.

At Safes International Scotland, we have a wide range of home safes available to provide protection for valuables kept within the home. Our domestic safes come with a variety of cash and valuables rating to ensure substantial protection for the contents kept inside.

Find out more about our range of home safes and the services we offer at Safes International Scotland or get in touch to discuss your requirements, call 0141 554 1170.


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