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Five Places To Check For Old £1 Coins

Last updated: 3.18pm, Tuesday 18th September 2018 by

The old £1 coins ceased as legal tender from the 16th October 2017 so the vast majority of stores have stopped accepting these as payment. It is still possible, however to trade your old £1 coins in at high-street banks and in post offices but this should be done as soon as possible! Here we take a look at the top five spots you should check for your old £1 coins!

Where do I need to look for old £1 coins? 

  1. Coat pockets

Checking inside any coat pockets you may not have worn for a few months, specifically winter coat pockets as these aren’t likely to have been worn between the release of the new £1 coin and the deadline for the old £1 coin, by doing this you unearth some old £1 coins you had forgotten about.

          2. Down the back of the sofa

The back of the sofa is the most common place for small items in pockets to slip out and go missing so it is definitely worth checking there! Many people don’t regularly check down the backs of their sofas so you could be pleasantly surprised to find some cash down there!

            3. Going out handbags

If you don’t go out as regularly as you used to, or use your night out bags as often anymore then checking inside these could result in a sweet cash discovery! Bags used on a night out tend to be forgotten about which could mean that cash could be overlooked.

            4. Glove compartment in cars

Although pay by phone carparks are now an option, many drivers are seemingly sticking to the standard payment option and carrying cash. Due to many drivers still paying in cash, there tends to be a fair amount of change left in cars, specifically the small compartments such as the glove compartment.

            5. Children’s piggy banks

Many children may have been saving pocket money or bits of change they get from the tooth fairy in piggy banks in their rooms. This change will likely be forgotten about when searching for old £1 coins as it isn’t the first place you would think to check. 

Securing Your Cash and Valuables 

For any other cash you may have lying around the house which is still legal tender, why not store this in a home safe to ensure its protection. At Safes International Scotland, we have a wide range of domestic safes available which are ideal for the secure storage of cash and valuables.

Find out more about our range of domestic safes and the services we offer at Safes International Scotland. Get in touch to discuss your requirements or call 0141 554 1170

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