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Fireproof safes: protect from both theft & fire damage!

Last updated: 9.59am, Tuesday 23rd October 2018 by

Keeping valuables and important documents in a fireproof safe ensures that items are less at risk of loss or theft as well as protecting these valued items and important documents from heat and fire damage. Whether for your home or business, our range of fire resistant safes provide additional peace of mind that your security solution can sufficiently protect valuable items.

Preparing for every eventuality is vital when considering the best possible solution to protect valuable items within your home or business, and a fireproof safe is likely to provide the ideal solution for many domestic and commercial premises. Many home or business properties are fitted with security solutions such as alarms and CCTV, as well as fire detection solutions such as smoke detectors, however, these security solutions do not necessarily provide a solution to protect valuables. A fire resistant safe, or fireproof safe, ensures that should the worst happen and a fire broke out within your home or business, valuables will remain undamaged.

Our range of fireproof safes offer between 30 minutes and 60 minutes of fire resistant security, ensuring that important documents, hard drives, and valuables are at lower risk of being damaged by heat or directly from fire. Fireproof safes are the ideal solution for many home or business security requirements, with the option to choose tested ratings of 30 minutes or 60 minutes protection, our clients can choose the best solution for their needs, whilst ensuring that peace of mind is provided in their need to protect valuable items.

Many of the fire-resistant safes we offer also have materials for water resistance fitted into the body and door of the safe during our manufacturing process. By including materials for water resistance in our manufacturing process, this will also ensure that our safes can protect valuables from water damage in the event of a flood, or even when putting out a fire.

Storing important documents in filing cabinets is usually the go-to secure storage solution, however, even though locking filing cabinets can prevent valuable documents from being stolen or lost, they rarely come with fire resistant qualities or materials added for water resistance. This could still leave important documents at risk of being damaged.

Opting to store important documents and electronic data on hard drives, discs or USB’s within a fire resistant safe provides the additional security and protection for confidential data and important documents that can be of vital importance in commercial environments. Ensuring that your home or business has sufficient fire and security measures in place to meet all your needs and requirements as well as providing assurance for every eventuality is crucial in order to protect valuable assets, important documents, and the premises as a whole.

Similarly to our range of standard safes, our fireproof safes can be fitted with a range of locking options including key lock mechanisms, electronic locking devices, combination locks and biometric locking devices. At Safes International, we understand that all of our clients needs’ vary, which is why we offer a wide range of locking options, in order to provide alternatives to the standard key lock mechanisms in environments where electronic, combination or biometric mechanisms may be better suited for the premises security requirements. Key lock mechanisms can provide a range of benefits for many home or business properties, however, by allowing our clients to choose their preferred locking option, this ensures that the most appropriate security solution for their specifications can be met.

Data safes, which have been specifically designed and manufactured for the protection of electronic data, such as hard drives, are especially useful to have fire resistant qualities and water resistance. Although paper copies of important documents are likely to be damaged more quickly in the event of fire or water damage, without the electronic copies on hard drives, the recovery of these important documents will be made significantly more difficult.

Fire safes not only offer the additional fire and security protection, but also meet all the European Safe Standards that we strive to meet during our manufacturing process. By ensuring that all of our high-security fire proof safes meet the European requirements for fire and security specifications this can provide further peace of mind for our clients as assurance that the secure safe they purchase is sufficiently able to protect valuable items and important documents.

At Safes International, our highly skilled team of engineers can install your fire resistant safe upon delivery if requested. We would always recommend having a secure safe or fireproof safe installed within your property as this ensures that the safe cannot be stolen as a whole from the premises. Our fireproof safes can be manufactured with fixing holes in order for our engineers to secure the safe to a solid floor or wall within the property. The drilling holes do not, however, lower the security or ratings of the safe, as these are professionally designed and completed during the manufacturing process.

If you think your home or business may benefit from the purchase and installation of a fireproof safe from Safes International, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Our teams will endeavour to find the ideal fire-resistant security solution for your requirements, ensuring that the best possible fireproof safe is chosen for your needs.

Find out more about our range of fireproof safes, or give us a call on 0141 554 1170 today to receive a quote.

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