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Essential Security Tips

Last updated: 2.11pm, Thursday 30th August 2018 by

One of the biggest concerns for most businesses is breaking and entering. The cost of items being stolen or going missing will all add up. By implementing some simple and effective security measures in and around your premises, you can reduce the possibility of your business becoming a target for burglars. 

Window and Door Security 

Although this is mentioned a lot, ensuring that the access points, such as doors and windows are properly secured is one of the most essential security measures you can take.

Keeping windows not only locked but with some form of force preventing anyone being able to break through will provide further security. In both businesses and homes, we would recommend reinforcing windows and sliding doors with a wooden dowel or metal bar. This takes away the opportunity for someone to pry it open.

Investing in high security, strong doors will also benefit the business. These are not easily broken into and will help to deter burglars from the premises. Have CCTV cameras facing the doors to capture footage of any attempted or successful break-ins.

The locks fitted to both windows and doors, need to be high quality. Cheap locks can easily be snapped off, meaning access can easily be gained. Use a professional locksmith to fit the locks, preferably choosing MLA approved locksmiths. Appoint specific, trusted staff members to be in charge of making sure everything is locked up before they leave. 

Security Systems 

When choosing a security system, really you need to weigh up its worth. If you think installing cheap systems will sufficiently protect your staff members, equipment and stock, then you’d be wrong.

Investing in a high-quality security system to monitor your premises can only provide the business with benefits. For example, if the worst were to happen and someone managed to gain access to the building, the CCTV footage captured by your security system will aid the police in their investigation, providing a higher chance at the intruder being caught and the stolen goods recovered.

However, just like the locks on your windows and doors, these systems need to be professionally installed. Trying to cut costs by using cheap labourers could result in the systems not being properly installed or secure.


Sometimes, these are enough to put off a burglar from attempting to break-in. However, in the rare cases that the intruder breaches the property regardless, the building owner and police will be immediately notified.

This massively reduces their time inside the building, should they choose to still enter. Knowing police are likely on their way will probably scare them off. If they don’t choose to flee, however, it is likely they will be caught and your property will be returned instantly.

Work Together 

Working with other companies in the area can benefit the security of your building. Hire a security guard to make random checks throughout the night at various properties, working with the other businesses. So long as the guard does not work in specific shifts at each property, this will ensure opportunist burglars aren’t tempted to target your business. 

Grounds Maintenance 

Don’t let the perimeter of your property become a hiding spot for burglars. Keep hedges and bushes trimmed back so there aren’t any dark spots in which they can lay low. Ensure the grounds are well lit, burglars don’t like to be seen so this will likely deter them.

Keep Your Belongings Safe

Having a commercial safe installed will protect the most valuable items in the business. Regardless of whether an intruder does manage to somehow get into the building, the items locked inside your commercial safe will remain secure. Storing important documents, cash and expensive equipment in a safe when you leave for the night will not only keep them protected but provide you with peace of mind.

Find out more about our range of commercial safes, or contact us for more information. If you would prefer to speak to a member of our team call 0141 554 1170.

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