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Domestic safes provide the ideal security solution for homes

Last updated: 11.10am, Thursday 8th November 2018 by

Looking to increase your home security? At Safes International, our range of domestic safes provide ideal protection for cash and valued possessions. Ensuring your home security is sufficient enough to meet your needs is essential, when storing cash and valuables within your home it is vital to ensure these remain secure from theft, loss and damage and a domestic safe provides the ideal protection. Whether you are looking at storing cash, valuables including jewellery and watches or important documentation such as deeds or wills within your home or home office, maintaining the security of these items is crucial.

At Safes International, we have a wide range of home safes available to allow our clients choosing a safe for domestic use to ensure they receive a high-security solution that can meet their requirements. We have a range of different sizes of domestic safes available, allowing our clients to securely store as much or as little as necessary within our security safes. By offering a variety of different sizes in our domestic safes range this also enables the client the ability when choosing a safe to determine the amount of space available within their home or home office and choose a safe that best meets their spatial requirements as well as their home security needs.

Our wide range of home safes includes a variety of fire resistant domestic safes, with added materials to protect valuables from heat and fire damage. Having a domestic safe with fire resistant materials will provide further peace of mind that any cash, valuables or important documentation are covered in the event of a fire. Keeping cash, important documentation and valuables safe from fire damage, in addition to protection from loss, damage or theft, is crucial to consider when determining the level of security that may be required in your home or home office.

All of our range of home safes are AiS Approved, meaning they can be covered through your insurance provider should you choose to add this to your cover plan. Keeping valued items such as important documentation, cash and valuables safe will provide peace of mind whether you are in or out of your home. Home security is vital, when you are going on holiday you would not want to spend the entirety of your trap worrying that valued items are safe, and storing these valued items within a domestic safe can eradicate this worry.

Safes provide the ideal secure storage solution for home or business environments, having a domestic safe installed within your home or home office will increase the security measures of the home whilst still allowing for access to cash, valuables or important documentation whenever it is required.

Choosing a safe can be a difficult task, however, with our wide range of home safes, we have the ideal home security solution for all our clients. Whether you require one of our fire-resistant safes, or have a specific size in mind for your home or home office safe, we offer a range of fire resistant safes and standard domestic safes in different sizes to suit all needs.

We have a wide range of locking options available to be fitted to your domestic safe, from key locking safes, electric locks to combination or biometric locks. Choosing a locking option for your domestic safe is purely down to preference. Key locking safes may be more beneficial for a home or home office if you tend to forget codes easily, and an electronic lock may be more beneficial if you tend to lose keys more often. Electronic locks can also feature multiple user codes, should you have the need for multiple persons to access the safe, but electronic locks can also be used with just one master code.

A home is where you should feel the most safe and secure, and leaving valued items or important documentation unsecure could lead to loss, damage or theft of these items. The security needs for home or business are not as different as you may think, both premises need to ensure that valued assets are safely locked away.

If you think you may benefit from the installation of a domestic safe from our wide range then get in touch today to discuss your requirements with the team who will make choosing a safe to meet your requirements as quick and simple as possible. With our wide range of home safes, you can rest assured that your cash, valuables and important documentation will remain protected.

Give us a call on 0141 554 1170 or email for more information about our domestic safes and fire-resistant safes today.

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