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Does your business require the installation of medical cabinets?

Last updated: 9.52am, Friday 23rd March 2018 by

If your business requires the storage of any medical equipment, first aid equipment or prescription medication our medical cabinets would provide the ideal solution. Equipment and medication such as this requires secure storage to prevent unauthorised access being granted.

Ensuring your premises is as secure as possible will assist in keeping all assets and personnel safe. 


Benefits of a medical cabinet 

Our high-security medical cabinets have been manufactured to the highest standard and are built from galvanised steel. This steel is the same as that used in the manufacture of our high-security safes, providing similar security for the controlled drugs. Each cabinet in our Pennine range has also passed the ‘Sold Secure Silver’ test, so they all meet the high standards required.

These cabinets prevent the theft of any high-tech equipment and ensure that prescription medication doesn’t fall into the hands of children. Our high-security cabinets provide the ideal solution for many business sectors.

The main sectors that medical cabinets would benefit are educational, to prevent students gaining access to equipment or medication. In environments such as education, it is essential that there are trained first-aiders on the premises with access to the security cabinet. Leisure and hospitality sectors would also greatly benefit from the installation of our medical cabinets. Securely storing any medical or first aid equipment prevents theft of equipment that may be required in a medical emergency.

Pharmaceutical industries require constant storage of medication and medical equipment. Without the proper security measures in place, this could put the business at risk. GP surgeries, hospitals and walk-in centres must utilise secure storage in order to keep the equipment and medication off limits.

Through installing medical cabinets within any business, this prevents dangerous situations occurring or medication being administered incorrectly or without the appropriate supervision. 

Increase your business security today 

Increasing your businesses security will only provide benefits down the line. In any case, securing your property will reduce the risk of theft, loss or damage of any assets stored within the premises. Installing medical cabinets can further increase your business security and provides safe, secure storage for any medical equipment or medication that may be required on the premises.

Find out more about our medical cabinets and our full range of security products and services, get in touch on 0141 554 1170.

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