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Does my business need a deposit safe?

Last updated: 10.21am, Wednesday 10th May 2017 by

Deposit safes are most commonly used in retail to deposit cash from the till into the safe without having to unlock the main body. These safes are beneficial for many business types as well as retail, such as, offices, schools, hotels, restaurants and banks. These safes are usually used to allow employees to deposit cash or documents directly into the safe without needing access to the safes main body. This can be beneficial to businesses as it reduces the need for all staff to have access to the inside of the safe, meaning this can be kept as restricted access for just the business owner or managers.

Deposit safes are ideal for temporary storage, such as depositing the cash from the till before then cashing it up at the end of the day to take to the bank. These safes are also commonly used in council offices as they allow the secure deposit of petty cash and important documents. 

Deposit safes, or drop safes, come in a variety of sizes as well as differing security levels and insurance grades. There is a choice of highly specialised deposit systems such as Rotary, Slot, Drawer and Capsule to suit whatever your requirements may be. 

These safes can deter thieves due to the difficulty of accessing the main body to remove the cash deposited within. Due to this, business owners and managers can feel more secure and have peace of mind that the valuables are secure.

At Safes International we have a range of safes available to be customised for your specific depository needs. To view the range visit or call 0141 554 1170 if you require more information.

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