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Disney hack – ransom demanded for stolen film.

Last updated: 2.10pm, Thursday 30th August 2018 by

It recently came to light that the multi-million corporation, Disney, was threatened by hackers who claimed to have gained access to one of their unreleased films. Although it was never stated which film the hackers had supposedly stolen, it was believed to be Pirate of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, which was released late last month.


Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, told ABC employees about the ransom demand on the 15th May but stood firmly by his refusal to pay. The studio worked with federal investigators in order to determine whether the threat was legitimate or not. The hackers had demanded the ransom be paid in bitcoin – just as the NHS hackers did. However, unlike the NHS hack where they threatened to delete all information from their system, these hackers were threatening to release the film online in a series of 20 minute chunks unless they received the money.

This is not the first film studio that has been threatened with online leaks. In April a group of hackers released season 5 of popular show, Orange Is the New Black, after Netflix refused to pay a ransom. However, in this case, it was just a hoax. It has since been released that the hackers had not actually gained access to any upcoming films for them to release, and were just posing an empty threat trying to con the company into paying.

Iger said that the company decided to take the threat seriously, but not to react in the manner in which the hackers threatening the company had so desired. He was keen to stress how technology has benefitted Disney, but also said it presented significant challenges to the film industry. He said “in today’s world, cyber security is a front burner issue. We like to view technology more as a friend than foe but it is also a disruptor.”

Keeping your online security protected can be just as vital as physical security. Most of our lives are now online meaning hackers can gain a plethora of information about us very easily. If they manage to crack passwords, this will also allow them to gain access to private information such as bank details, your address or any other number of confidential details. In a video recently released by Capital FM it shows popular brothers, Jack and Conor Maynard supposedly using “physic powers” to tell strangers details about their own lives. In this video, the brothers are able to tell these strangers details such as their Aunt’s names, schools they went to, hair colours they used to have and much more. It is revealed at the end of the video that the brothers are not physic, once they had asked the passers by their names, a team of people behind a screen had used their names to search online and found all this information out. These people were then feeding information about these people’s lives through ear pieces to the stars. They stress that this information is free for anyone to find, putting emphasis on tightening up online security, especially on social media platforms. Watch the video HERE.

Making sure that personal information cannot be easily found online or shared is essential to protecting your online security. You never know who is accessing this information and what they could be using it for. Social media accounts, specifically, should be on the highest possible privacy setting and passwords should be regularly changed and should not relate to any personal information.

Keeping yourself and your family protected is vital and online security isn’t the only way you can ensure safety. We would recommend storing any electrical equipment you have in your home in a safe. This way, even if an intruder gets in, they will not have easy access to files and documents you have saved.

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