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Different types of locks for safes

Last updated: 2.32pm, Friday 22nd December 2017 by

It is important to consider the various locking options available for safes in order to determine which is best suited to your needs. There are several features which can be attributed to a safe, including cash ratings, fire ratings and even insurance approved or AiS approved safes, but once you’ve decided which would be best to suit your needs then figuring out the locking option is the next crucial step. 

The different types of locks available 

Key Lock 

A key lock is the standard locking option which comes supplied with all safes and these come supplied with 2 keys. The manual key locks fitted to safes are made to be of a high quality and also highly durable. Manual locks can be most suitable for those who struggle to remember a code.

At Safes International, we have a wide range of key locks on offer including VdS approved locks.

39E Digital Safe Lock 

The 39E digital lock is one of our most common digital locks used for our safes. This is operated by a 9V battery pack which is fitted inside of the safe. The battery pack can also be charged from the outside battery compartment which can be found on the underside of the keypad, even when the safe is closed. Contrary to the standard key lock, this lock is more suitable for those who aren’t as good at keeping hold of keys.

Electronic locking systems are more commonly used in commercial settings as this takes away the risk of keys being lost if multiple were required to be issued to staff members. The lock allows up to 8 different users and 1 manager code, the manager code enables basic reprogramming on site such as adding, removing or changing user codes. However, these aren’t just suitable for business settings, they also work well in home environments as not all of the user codes require programming in. 

3 or 4 wheel combination locks 

The combination locks we have available are based on a model that became the standard of the safe lock industry over the last 35 years. The 3 wheel combination lock has 1,000,000 possible combinations and the 4 wheel has 100,000,000 possible combinations, making these locks notoriously difficult to get in to. Both locks can be installed with a variety of attractive dials and rings in several different finishes. 

Which lock is the best for me?

 When deciding on the most suitable lock for your needs, it really comes down to personal preference. Depending on whether you’re better at retaining codes or keys, this could make the decision for you.

All our safes come with a 1-year warranty on the locks and are made to the highest quality, however, if your lock were to break, our engineers can be there with a solution in no time.

Find out more about our full range of products and services or get in touch to discuss your requirements, call us on 0141 554 1170.

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