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Deposit Safes for Retailers at Christmas

Last updated: 4.01pm, Tuesday 11th September 2018 by

Retailers across the UK are cranking up their marketing campaigns and hiring extra staff in preparation for the busy Christmas and New Year period. Last year, UK retailers took over £26bn in total with sales up from the previous year. With sales predicted to increase again this year, retailers must protect their assets and manage high footfall efficiently.

Cash Management for Retailers

There are many challenges facing retailers who regularly handle cash. With an inefficient system in place, a store manager could spend up to two hours per day completing cash management tasks. Having efficient cash management solutions in place will be vital when footfall is high during the festive period and can save your business time and money as well as improving customer service and profit margin.

Benefits of Deposit Safes

With extra staff and higher volumes of cash on site, deposit safes offer an ideal solution for keeping track of and storing the cash. They provide the high level of security needed to protect cash while allowing members of staff to clear tills of extra money without needing access to the main safe. This means that cash can be removed from the shop floor reducing the risk of loss or theft.

Deposit safes also allow the safe to be used around the clock without the need for key holders to be present. They can be used in the back office or under tills to bring peace of mind for staff handling cash in store.

 Deposit Options Safes

Deposit Types

When it comes to safes, the deposit feature can come in a range of forms, each with their own advantages. A small number of deposit options are listed below.

Envelope Slot Deposit

An envelope slot deposit (also known as a letter slot deposit) is an opening, often found on the front or top of the safe, which is big enough to allow the deposit of letters and envelopes with a small quantity of notes inside.

Telescopic Envelope Slot Deposit

A telescopic envelope slot deposit has the same opening feature as the envelope slot deposit but this is stretched to allow deposits through a wall and into the safe.

Rotary Deposit

A rotary deposit feature sits on the top of the safe with a rotary drum inside. It allows you to place your deposit inside and the drum spins, dropping the item/s into the body of the safe.

Capsule Deposit

Put simply, a capsule deposit feature is a small hole in the top, rear or side of the safe used to drop capsules containing cash into the safe. The contents of the capsules will then remain separated from other capsules until the main safe is accessed.

Drawer Trap Deposit

A drawer trap deposit allows for items to be placed in a drawer that is separate from the main safe door. Once the drawer is closed with the items inside, the items will then drop into the main body of the safe.

Safes International Scotland

At Safes International, we are committed to providing safes that protect your assets but also optimise your cash handling processes. In a world where cash is still the most used form of payment, it is vital you can easily secure it. For more information about the deposit safes we can supply and install, please get in touch.


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