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Common Home Security Mistakes You’re Probably Making!

Last updated: 3.14pm, Tuesday 18th September 2018 by

Each day, many of us are failing to ensure our homes are as secure as they could be, which could result in the property being targeted. By failing to keep homes sufficiently protected, the possessions inside are equally at risk of becoming a target for burglars.

What Are The Most Common Home Security Mistakes?

-          According to the Cooperative Insurance company, who gained results from an online poll in which 2,000 adults answered, millions of homeowners could be putting their property and possessions at risk each year due to home security failings.

-          The risks posed by social media can affect you in ways you may not have thought. Advertising that you’re going away on holiday, or that you’ve just bought or been gifted expensive new items could draw the burglar’s attention to your home. Avoid posting on social media when you’re not in the home and ensure that your accounts have sufficient security measures in place so only friends can see what you post.

-          Leaving objects such as tools and ladders outside and not locked up where they can be used by potential burglar’s to gain access to your home. Ensure that ladders are chained up and all tools are secured in the home or an outbuilding.

-          Similarly to the previous point, leaving tall items under windows can end up providing intruders with a better view into your home and also a boost to get through the windows.

-          Don’t request for packages to be hidden in your garden if you’re not in the house, these could easily be stolen. Ask for a neighbour to take them in, if they’re home, or collect the packages yourself from the post office.

-          Hiding keys under plant pots and doormats is outdated and a predictable spot for burglars to check. Install key boxes to securely leave keys outside for anyone who may need them.

-          Keeping sheds and outbuildings unlocked or with old, rusty padlocks on leaves any tools or possessions inside at risk.

-          Not locking the doors leading from the home to the garage, just because the garage door is locked. Garage doors are easily manipulated, which means once a burglar has managed to get inside the garage, they have direct access to your home.

Why Is Home Security So Important?

Figures from the Office for National Statistics found that in the year ending March 2016, there were 193,773 domestic burglaries which occurred.  Ensuring you have the correct security measures in place could help to prevent you becoming a burglary statistic.

Installing a domestic safe can help to protect the most important and valuable items in the home. Home safes provide the ideal protection for any vital documents or expensive belongings. Anything kept locked inside your home safe will be safe regardless of whether an intruder gains access to the home. At Safes International, we have a wide range of home safes including fire resistant options which provide an added layer of protection in the event of a disaster.

Find out more about our wide range of home safes, or to discuss your requirements contact us or call 0141 554 1170

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