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Burglar Signs and Symbols To Keep Watch For

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In a post from the Lanarkshire Police Division in April 2015, it was highlighted that there are certain ‘burglar codes’ in which we should try to remain vigilant for. This post, which was widely shared, was a warning for homeowners as certain signs and symbols had been seen to be being used to target properties in the West of Scotland.

Although brought to light in 2015, this post has begun to circulate again in recent months by home security companies as a precaution for homeowners to keep a look out. 

Where can the signs be found? 

These ‘codes’ are usually left on walls, doors and even bins outside of the property. They allow burglars to communicate with each other, providing information regarding the home, homeowners and the goods inside. 

What Do The Signs Look Like and What Do They Mean? 

Along with the original post from the Lanarkshire Police Division, an image of the symbols was attached. The image depicts simple drawings which can provide information on whether the home has an alarm system if the home has been burgled before, whether the occupant is wealthy or whether there is nothing worth stealing.

The full list of ‘codes’ the police division issued warnings for is as follows;

-          Alarmed House – houses with alarm systems installed are much less likely to be burgled. This is because burglars won’t want to draw attention to the home or risk being caught in the act. By having a burglar alarm installed on your home, or even a fake alarm box, it can prevent the property from being targeted.

 Burglar Codes Alarmed House, Safes International Scotland

-          Previously Burgled – houses which have been previously burgled could be deemed vulnerable to a burglar, or they may think that it isn’t worth attempting to burgle the home. If you have fallen victim to burglary, ensure that you increase security measures immediately to prevent it occurring again.

 Burglar Codes Previously Burgled, Safes International Scotland

-          Good Target – this symbol would suggest the home is easy to break in to or has items of worth inside that would attract a burglar’s attention. Always ensure that valuable items are kept locked away and not in view of windows, as well as increasing security measures so that breaking in isn’t easily done.

 Burglar Codes, Good Target, Safes International Scotland

-          Vulnerable Occupant – this has been said to supposedly suggest the occupant is female, but it could also suggest the occupants are elderly or even disabled. Installing light timers when you’re not in the home will create the illusion someone is in the home.

 Safes International Scotland

-          Occupant’s Afraid – could be seen as similar to a vulnerable occupant to the burglar. Installing alarm systems and CCTV will deter burglars from targeting the property.

 Safes International Scotland

-          Nothing Worth Stealing – this wouldn’t be a bad symbol to have on your home as this means the burglars won’t attempt to rob you.

 Safes International Scotland

-          Too Risky – just as the previous symbol, the home is unlikely to be targeted as the burglars would assume they would be caught.

 Safes International Scotland

-          Wealthy – suggests that burglars think there is a lot of valuable items in the home worth stealing, if this is the case, ensure that you have the required security in place to prevent these items from being stolen.

Safes International Scotland 

How To Protect Your Home 

By having security systems installed within your home this will deter burglars from targeting the property. Installing CCTV systems are burglar alarms, specifically, will help to prevent opportunist burglars assuming the home is a weak or easy target. CCTV will also provide the authorities with any required evidence, should someone still choose to intrude upon your premises.

Protecting your home is crucial to ensuring you and your family feel a sense of security and peace of mind. Due to this, it is important you remain vigilant and keep a look out for any of these signs and symbols marked on properties. If they are spotted, authorities should be contacted.

Installing a home safe is the most efficient way of protecting the valuables inside your home. Regardless of whether your home fell victim to burglary, the important or expensive items would be secured. At Safes International, we have a range of AiS insurance approved safes, along with fire resistant safes or even the option to have a bespoke safe created.

Find out more about our range of domestic safes or bespoke services, contact us or call 0141 554 1170 for more information.

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