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Benefits of an AiS Approved Safe

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When looking into purchasing a safe for either your home or business, one thing to consider is whether you would like to insure the contents of your safe through your home or business insurance policy, if so an AiS approved safe would be the ideal solution. In some cases, an insurance company could request or specify that an insurance approved safe is required due to the high-value contents. If your insurance company were to request this, they would usually provide the level of cash and valuables cover that would be required, saving you the time into looking at these features yourself. However, if they haven’t specified this, read our previous post to find out more about cash and valuables ratings.  

What is an AiS approved safe? 

The AiS stands for the Association of Insurance Surveyors, this association is a well-known and respected body of individual risk control and reduction experts who are working in the insurance sector across the UK.

AiS approved safes are certified by BRE/LPCB, the EBS.S (European Certification Board Security) or are a member of the EFSG (European Fire & Security Group) and the security certificates of the safe have been scrutinised by the Association.

AiS approved safes meet insurer’s high standards of security protection for your cash and valuables.

What are the benefits of an AiS approved safe?

An insurance approved safe provides a greater level of protection for the cash and valuables stored within it than a standard safe could. This is because the safes are certified to stringent levels and ensure that there is adequate cover provided for the items you choose to store within the safe up to a certain cash or valuables rating through your insurance company.

Our AiS approved safes have been tested to the highest standards and meet the rigorous requirements of European safe testing, as outlined in LPS 1183 Issue 4 and to the European standards for safes EN 1143-1:2005. Our insurance approved safes are manufactured in Britain under the control of ISO9001 using the latest in production techniques and technology.

These safes have been authorised by impartial surveyors who work to ensure the improvement of their members’ skills and their job satisfaction. The process of approving a safe through the AiS occurs through collation, collection and dissemination of information regarding the safes and their specifications.

Increase your security measures with an insurance approved safe 

Whether you’re considering having a safe installed within your home or for your business, considering an insurance approved safe will provide a wealth of benefits for the protection of the contents kept within.

Assessing the security of your premises will always provide areas in which you could improve, taking the time to do this will allow a deeper insight into the security requirements of the property. By purchasing an AiS approved safe this will provide a profound increase in a sense of peace of mind that your cash and valuables are secure, even when you’re not there.

Find out more about our range of security solutions and services or get in touch to discuss your requirements, call 0141 554 1170.

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