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Benefits of access control systems

Last updated: 7.20pm, Monday 19th November 2018 by

Access control systems have many more benefits to them than just keeping your building secure – although that is a crucial benefit the system holds. Keeping your property secure is vital to ensure staff members or family members and confidential data and documents are protected, along with any other valuables kept inside the building. By having access control systems installed, you can not only put up an extra wall of protection for all these things, but you can also save money and improve efficiency in the workplace.


Access control systems will enhance your buildings security, they prevent unauthorised entrance to private areas from anyone who doesn’t have the code/key/fob. This is a vital part of protecting your business as without these added layers of security, anyone could walk straight through and gain access to restricted documents or belongings. Using access control for areas which contain confidential data, or even to staff rooms which hold your employees belongings, will prevent anything going missing or falling into the wrong hands.

Modern access control systems can even improve payroll efficiency. This can be done by the access control system supplying data in a format that is readily compatible with payroll packages, eradicating the tedious and often, error-prone process of entering staff attendance data manually.

They can help you save costs. Many organisations these days are using access control systems to control printing and photocopying. Before staff members can make a copy or print a document, they have to present their pass to the machine. This prevents unauthorised use of the machines and can also means records can easily be kept of the volume of copying and printing being carried out by individual users.

Reduce your company’s energy bills and protect the environment, access control systems can greatly reduce the energy used in your building and therefore the carbon emissions. By connecting the access control system to the building management system, the access control system can use data to determine which areas of the building are unoccupied and can interchange this data with the management system so that it automatically turns off unnecessary lights.

Access control systems provide a wealth of benefits such as the above that many people could be unaware of. By having these systems installed you not only increase your buildings security, but can also save some money and improve efficiency. Find out more about access control systems, or visit our website to view more of products and services. If you have any questions contact us or call 0141 554 1170.

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