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Benefits of a Bespoke Safe

Last updated: 12.02pm, Friday 11th August 2017 by

Any home or commercial safe you choose will provide the biggest benefit of all – ensuring the highest levels of security for the items kept inside. However, bespoke safes provide more than just the security, they also provide sophisticated elegance.

Luxurious Security 

Bespoke safes provide an element of luxury, sophistication and style on top of the high-security standards you require. By adding these elements, this means you won’t have to compromise on the look or design of your safe, whilst also upholding the quality of the security.

Our bespoke safes, just like our standard range of safes, are available in grades 0 – 6 which means adequate cover is provided for whatever luxury goods you wish to store.

Why Choose Our Bespoke Services? 

By opting for our bespoke services, you will be assigned a designated project manager who will liaise with you throughout the entirety of the job. They will work alongside you to ensure that all of your requirements and specifications are sufficiently met. The project manager will also communicate with the manufacturers and engineer teams to arrange convenient delivery and install dates for yourself.

In considering our bespoke safe services, it opens more options and possibilities than our standard range of safes would provide.

For those of you with countless luxury goods to secure, a bespoke safe can perfectly suit all your security needs and requirements. 

Added Benefits Of A Bespoke Safe

One of the most beneficial aspects of having a bespoke safe created would be that the safe would, essentially, be unique to you. Our bespoke safes come in a full range of RAL colours for you to choose from, so you wouldn’t have to settle for the standard safe colours.

A bespoke safe also comes with different interior options, such as leathers, woods and felts. On top of all this, you can even add internal features such as watch winders, display cabinets, personalised car key holders and internal lighting to your bespoke safe.

Find out more about our bespoke services, or if this definitely sounds like the right type of safe security for you and your valuables, get in touch or call 0141 554 1170.

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