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Based in Scotland, we are the premier UK safe suppliers!

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UK Safe ManufacturingUK Safe ManufacturingFinding reliable safe suppliers in the UK is essential in ensuring your security needs are sufficiently met and the service you receive is up to professional standards. Trying to choose a security safe for your home or business can be a daunting task, ensuring that you are taking into consideration all of the available features offered in a range of safes to find the ideal security safe for your needs could be difficult if you are not certain what you require. At Safes International, we are premier UK safe suppliers, offering a wide range of safes and security products to meet all our client’s needs. With safes manufactured and tailored specifically for use within home or business premises, the ideal security safe is easy to find with us!

At Safes International, our range of safes offered covers all of our clientele requirements, from small home safes, to large corporate and commercial safes ensuring that we can provide suitable solutions and security products for all of our client’s needs. By offering UK safe supplier services nationwide we can assure our clientele that no matter where they are located within the UK, we have the security product available within our range of safes to meet their needs.

When choosing a security product from our range of safes there are certain factors that would need to be taken into consideration. A wide range of our security safes have cash ratings and valuables ratings attributed to them, these cash ratings and valuables ratings determine the recommended overnight cash and valuables cover for items stored within the security safe. Cash ratings and valuables ratings correspond with the different grades of safes we offer, our security safes come in Grades 0 through 5, offering between a £6,000 cash rating and a £100,000 cash rating. When considering the cash rating and valuables rating you may require, the decision should be focused on the amount of cash and valuables that you wish to store within the security safe at any given time. This will of course vary in needs between home or business security requirements, large commercial corporations would most likely require a much higher level of cover and therefore would require a higher grading of safe to have a higher cash rating.

Ensuring that you take caution to sufficiently protect your valuables within either a home or business is crucial in not only assuring your valued possessions and important documents remain secure from theft, loss or damage, but also in providing peace of mind that your home or business has the relevant and required security products and level of security. Ensuring that business security is up to scratch is essential for ensuring that assets are well protected, and any important documents or confidential data is not accessible to unauthorised personnel.

The wide range of safes and security products we offer at Safes International as a UK safe supplier all come with warranties. The safes and security products that we personally manufacture have a 1-year warranty for the locking options we supply, and the body of the security safe has a 5-year warranty. By offering the 1- and 5-year warranties for our locking options and the body of the security safe we can provide additional peace of mind for our client’s that the security product they purchase will not only provide the high-security solution they require, but if anything were to go awry our highly skilled and professionally trained engineers can ensure it is fixed within no time.

If your home or business could benefit from a security safe from a reliable and trustworthy UK safe supplier such as ourselves, get in touch with us today and discuss your requirements with a member of our customer service team. Our customer service team have a wealth of knowledge to help you choose the ideal security safe from our range of safes and security products, ensuring that the ideal solution for your specific needs can be sufficiently met through us.

Give us a call on 0141 554 1170 to find out more about our wide range of safes and security products and services, or drop us an email at

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