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Access control solutions for domestic & commercial use

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Installing access control solutions decreases security risks

Having access control systems installed within your domestic or commercial property will significantly reduce security risks and ensure that unauthorised personnel cannot gain access to prohibited areas. Access control systems come in a wide variety of forms that ultimately help to prevent the unauthorised granting of access to areas which are restricted.

Many commercial premises utilise access control systems to grant access to staff members in certain required areas. However, access control systems can also be programmed to determine which staff members can and cannot gain access to these areas. Higher members of staff, such as management or supervisors may have their access control device programmed to grant access to areas which general members of staff would not be able to gain access to through their access control device.

There are many different access control devices available, from using physical access control devices such as locks and keys to grant access, to utilising electronic access control devices such as fobs, card readers and biometric technology to allow staff members to gain access to restricted areas within the premises. By limiting access to restricted or prohibited areas within your business, this significantly reduces the risks of theft of company assets, or the loss or damage of stock or goods within your premises as only the required staff would be able to gain access to these areas. Access control provides a highly significant tracking system which can be utilised in the event a company asset or item of stock were to be damaged or go missing. By limiting access to these areas, the access control devices help to determine which member of staff has accessed the areas and at what time they were accessed, which ultimately reduces the likelihood of assets and stock being stolen, lost or damaged as access control devices are tracked.

By installing access control systems within your premises, whether that be physical access control devices such as locks and keys, or electronic access control in the form of fobs, card readers or biometric systems, this will have a significant positive impact on the security risks many commercial premises have but are not fully aware of. Through the installation of physical or electronic access control devices within your building, company assets, stock and goods within the premises will be considerably more secure due to the limiting of access. Tracking access points through the access control list on the software provided with electronic access control devices provides a deeper insight into when staff members gain access during working hours.  

Get in touch with us today to discuss your access control requirements with a member of the team. Access control systems, both physical and electronic access control provides a wealth of benefits for an extensive range of commercial sectors. Whether you run a small business, or a large corporate company, utilising access control systems within your premises will help to reduce the security risks within your business that you may not even be aware of.

Call us on 0141 554 1170 for more information about our access control systems, or drop us an email at today.

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