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Benefits of an AiS Approved Safe

When looking into purchasing a safe for either your home or business, one thing to consider is whether you would like to insure the contents of your safe through your home or business insurance policy, if so an AiS approved safe would be the ideal solution. In some cases, an insurance company could request or specify that an insurance approved safe is required due to the high-value contents. If your insurance company were to request this, they would usually provide the level of cash and valuables cover that would be required, saving you the time into looking at these features yourself. However, if they haven’t specified this, read our previous post to find out more about cash and valuables ratings.   Read more

Different types of locks for safes

It is important to consider the various locking options available for safes in order to determine which is best suited to your needs. There are several features which can be attributed to a safe, including cash ratings, fire ratings and even insurance approved or AiS approved safes, but once you’ve decided which would be best to suit your needs then figuring out the locking option is the next crucial step.  Read more

The benefits of bespoke demountable safes

Deciding on what type of security solution would best benefit your business can be a tough decision. There are so many different options available that it could become slightly overwhelming and confusing as to what you actually need or require to help protect the assets your business has. If you require a large amount of storage space for valued items within the premises then a bespoke demountable safe.  Read more

Our safe installation team

At Safes International, we are proud to have our own in-house installation team to deliver, install and keep up the maintenance on all our security products. We believe that by utilising our own team of engineers, this helps to provide the best quality customer service possible and ensures the job is always done to the highest standard. Read more

Does your business require access control systems?

Determining whether your business requires access control systems could be a difficult task. However, if there are valued or private items and information stored within the building, it could provide extensive benefits to your business.
Access control provides an added layer of security for businesses which may have prohibited areas within their premises. Without access control systems in place, this allows unauthorised personnel access to any areas within the building, which could lead to valuables or confidential data being stolen. Read more

Five Places To Check For Old £1 Coins

The old £1 coins ceased as legal tender from the 16th October 2017 so the vast majority of stores have stopped accepting these as payment. It is still possible, however to trade your old £1 coins in at high-street banks and in post offices but this should be done as soon as possible! Here we take a look at the top five spots you should check for your old £1 coins! Read more

National Home Security Month – October 2017

This month is national home security month for 2017, which means it is the best time to evaluate the security measures you have in place at your home and determine whether they could be improved upon. This month aims to provide insight, advice, and tips regarding how to stay safe as the darker nights have begun to draw in. Read more

How Social Media Can Provide Security Benefits

Social media is seen these days to be a high security risk due to many people posting their locations such as when they’re away on holiday, or uploading images of valuables which could lead to burglars targeting their homes. However, social media is starting to become a useful tool in helping to increase security within residential and even commercial areas.  Read more

Protecting Your Home From Burglary

No one wants to find out their home has been burgled as this takes away the sense of security that you so desire within your home. Preventing this from happening may be easier than you would think, by implementing a few simple home security strategies you can help to prevent your home becoming a target for burglars.  Read more

Online and Offline Business Security Tips

Nowadays, both online and offline security for your business is crucial in order to protect the company and its assets. Keeping the cyber security of your business secured is just as important as physical security in this day and age. We’ve put together some highly beneficial security tips in order to help your business to continue to grow and avoid falling victim to online and offline crime!
  Read more

Security Tips for Small Businesses

Ensuring that your business is secure will only provide benefits for yourself and the company. When starting up a new small business, it could be daunting trying to work out which security features would best suit your property. Which is why we’ve researched some helpful tips and solutions to your problem. Read more

Common Home Security Mistakes You’re Probably Making!

Each day, many of us are failing to ensure our homes are as secure as they could be, which could result in the property being targeted. By failing to keep homes sufficiently protected, the possessions inside are equally at risk of becoming a target for burglars. Read more

Burglar Signs and Symbols To Keep Watch For

In a post from the Lanarkshire Police Division in April 2015, it was highlighted that there are certain ‘burglar codes’ in which we should try to remain vigilant for. This post, which was widely shared, was a warning for homeowners as certain signs and symbols had been seen to be being used to target properties in the West of Scotland.
Although brought to light in 2015, this post has begun to circulate again in recent months by home security companies as a precaution for homeowners to keep a look out.  Read more

Some of the highest security prisons

Security at prison facilities is, obviously, one of the most important and well thought out factors to consider when setting up the facility. Security guards, CCTV, electric fences, barbed wire and so much more is put into place to ensure that prisoners have no way out. Due to the violent and sometimes barbaric crimes committed by these prisoners, high-security facilities have had to be commissioned to ensure the perimeter is non-penetrable.  Read more

Benefits of a Bespoke Safe

Any home or commercial safe you choose will provide the biggest benefit of all – ensuring the highest levels of security for the items kept inside. However, bespoke safes provide more than just the security, they also provide sophisticated elegance. Read more

Essential Security Tips

One of the biggest concerns for most businesses is breaking and entering. The cost of items being stolen or going missing will all add up. By implementing some simple and effective security measures in and around your premises, you can reduce the possibility of your business becoming a target for burglars.  Read more

What do Cash and valuables ratings mean?

If you’re looking into buying a safe for your home or business for the first time, you may get slightly confused over cash and valuables ratings. Many people won’t quite understand what they mean or if they’re needed, which is why we’re outlining them in this post to help give you an idea about what they are and if you require them. In some cases your insurance company may specify the required cash and valuables ratings for you, saving you the hassle of trying to work out yourself what you need. If you haven’t been asked to get a safe by your insurers however, we’re here to help you understand.  Read more

Cyber security breaches in 2017 so far

Zomato - a company which provides users with an online guide to restaurants, cafes and clubs, reported that data from 17 million users had been stolen. This included email addresses and hashed passwords. Once discovered, the Indian firm logged affected users out of their accounts, as well as resetting passwords on the app and website. The company said that customers logging in via OAuth services, such as Facebook or Google were not at risk, meaning 60% of users would not have been affected.  Read more

Benefits of access control systems

Access control systems have many more benefits to them than just keeping your building secure – although that is a crucial benefit the system holds. Keeping your property secure is vital to ensure staff members or family members and confidential data and documents are protected, along with any other valuables kept inside the building. By having access control systems installed, you can not only put up an extra wall of protection for all these things, but you can also save money and improve efficiency in the workplace.
  Read more

Outdoor security tips

Many people believe that by securing their homes they are sufficiently protected, however burglars nowadays can play on the lack of outdoor security to their advantage. In this article we will go through some of the easy and efficient ways for you to increase outdoor security and protect your property further. Read more

Does my business need a strong room or strong doors?

Businesses can become common targets for thieves as there is always the perception that these companies, especially larger, international companies, will have high quality equipment, cash and other goods inside for them to attempt to steal. Keeping the security of your business to the highest standard is essential in deterring intruders and preventing them gaining access to the more valuable items in the building. By installing strong rooms or strong doors within your building this restricts access to the areas so that anyone without the keys cannot enter.  Read more

Security breach: GameStop credit card information

GameStop is an American video game, consumer electronics and wireless services retailer. The company is based in Grapevine, Texas and operates 7,117 retail stores throughout the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. It was founded in 1984 under the name Babbage’s and has gone under 3 different names since then before becoming GameStop in 2004.
  Read more

Security strategies for small businesses

Small businesses, unfortunately, are just as, if not more, susceptible to criminal activity as larger corporations. In this article we will go through some simple, yet effective security measures in which to use to help in protecting your business.
  Read more

Disney hack – ransom demanded for stolen film.

It recently came to light that the multi-million corporation, Disney, was threatened by hackers who claimed to have gained access to one of their unreleased films. Although it was never stated which film the hackers had supposedly stolen, it was believed to be Pirate of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, which was released late last month.
  Read more

Pickpocketing Statistics

-          400,000 pickpocketing incidents occur per day worldwide
  Read more

Panic Room - Security systems in the media

The film Panic Room which came out in 2002 features several security solutions in and around the house. In the film actress Jodie Foster, who is playing Meg Altman is searching for a new house with her 11 year old daughter Sarah, played by Kristen Stewart. They tour a luxurious four-storey brownstone house and are shown the master bedroom, which houses an interesting commodity. A panic room. Read more

Does my business need a deposit safe?

Deposit safes are most commonly used in retail to deposit cash from the till into the safe without having to unlock the main body. These safes are beneficial for many business types as well as retail, such as, offices, schools, hotels, restaurants and banks. These safes are usually used to allow employees to deposit cash or documents directly into the safe without needing access to the safes main body. This can be beneficial to businesses as it reduces the need for all staff to have access to the inside of the safe, meaning this can be kept as restricted access for just the business owner or managers. Read more

What is biometric security?

Biometric technology is the technical term for the use of fingerprints, iris or other identifiable characteristics associated with the human body being used for access control. This type of technology has only been made possible over the last few decades. However in 1858 the civil service of India began using handprints in order to identify its workers on their pay checks. This is believed to be the first use of biometrics as a form of identification. In 1960 automated finger recognition was pushed by the FBI so that the automated system would reduce the amount of man hours required. Read more

Avoiding employee theft

Theft is, unfortunately, something that all businesses will need to account for in their lifetime, however, it is possible to prevent theft from within.  Read more

How to protect your business

Secure the premises –
In order to feel more secure in the building and protect your assets, it is wise to strengthen doors and ensure windows are fully secure with locks fitted to each of them, this will not only give you some peace of mind but also deter burglars. By installing a security alarm and/or CCTV this will provide video footage of any suspicious behaviour in or around your business and give you the ability to check what is happening when you are not there. Most burglaries are unplanned meaning that burglars are a lot less likely to target a business or home that has security systems in place as they won’t want to be caught. Don’t just stop at CCTV and security alarms though, display signs around your store/business advertising that there are security systems in place. This deters thieves even more as it reassures to them that they are being watched. If necessary we would also recommend installing a vault or strong room for bigger businesses if you are... Read more

Are reconditioned safes just as good?

Along with our stock of commercial safes, home safes, and security cabinets, we also offer a remarkable range of reconditioned and refurbished safes. Our range of second hand safes are refurbished to the highest standards and are rigorously tested to ensure they are in perfect working order, whilst also complying with the modern lock standards, as well as fixing them up so they’re looking as good as new!
  Read more

How would a Strongroom benefit my business?

A Strongroom is a high quality, secure structure that can be beneficial when there is a requirement to increase the security level inside a building which could have a significantly higher risk of theft, burglary or attack. Read more

Deposit Safes for Retailers at Christmas

Retailers across the UK are cranking up their marketing campaigns and hiring extra staff in preparation for the busy Christmas and New Year period. Last year, UK retailers took over £26bn in total with sales up from the previous year. With sales predicted to increase again this year, retailers must protect their assets and manage high footfall efficiently. Read more

Winter Security for Farmers and Landowners

It’s typical isn’t it? No sooner have we seen some pleasant weather does the world start talking about winter. No matter how much we try to cling onto the summer that almost never was, it’s time to face the fact that winter is just around the corner and farmers and landowners need to be prepared. Read more

6 Steps to Business Security Success

Lots of customers approach us asking the question; how do I make sure that my business is protected as best it can be? There are lots of security solutions on the market which can make it confusing for business owners so today we’re going to run through six steps you can take to ensure that your assets are protected from burglary and fire. Read more

How to Keep Your Valuables Safe at Home

Last year’s statistics show that there were 20,607 reported incidents of housebreaking in Scotland between 2014 and 2015 with that type of crime making up 16% of reported “crimes of dishonesty”. While we all like to think that our homes are the safest places to be, we have to face the reality that more needs to be done to deter potential thieves and protect your valuables in the case of someone entering your home without permission. Read more

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Vaults

While secure storage solutions have dated back to the Egyptian times, the invention of the vault came much later. In 1849 when gold was first discovered in California and people flocked to the state to find it, known as the Gold Rush, those who weren’t lucky enough to get any gold took to robbing banks instead. As a result, banks demanded better protection for their gold than the small iron safes which had become compromised. Read more

Security Solutions for Hotels

Summer is upon us and those in the UK hotel industry are gearing up for a busy one with 36.7m foreign tourists expected to visit Britain this year. While owners and managers nationwide are making last minute updates to their hotels, Safes International give a run-down of the vital security solutions needed for businesses to ensure that your guests’ and your own assets are protected this summer. Read more

Business Security over the Summer Months

With the past few days of pleasant weather getting us all in the summer mood here at Safes International, this is the perfect opportunity to highlight some security issues you may not think of over the summer months. Just because the nights are lighter doesn’t mean your business is secure so here are a few top tips for protecting your business in the warmer weather. Read more

Retail Security – Tell-Tale Signs of a Shoplifter

Each year, crime costs the retail industry around £600m and this figure is on the increase. Customer theft accounts for 83% of the 750,144 total number of incidents highlighting a need for retailers to put systems in place to catch shoplifters. So what can be done? Read more

Designs Released for New Polymer Banknotes

The Royal Bank of Scotland have announced a final design for the new £5 polymer banknote to include the image of Scottish novelist and poet Nan Shepherd. This decision comes following the news that scientist Mary Somerville will feature on the Scottish £10 note. Read more

Is Your Security Up To Scratch?

Whether you’re protecting your home or your business, ensuring you have adequate security in place is a high priority. With everything else going on in our lives, assessing security can often take a back seat. Today we’re going to take a look at the different levels of security protecting your valuables and how effective they are. Read more

What Types of Safes Are There?

Finding the safe that’s right for you is like buying a new car or booking a holiday, everyone’s needs are different. With the wide range of choices available it can be difficult to know which safe will provide the correct storage for your valuables. But before you start to panic, let’s take a look at some of the most common kinds of safes and when they will be the most suitable. Read more

Home Security Tips

With the stresses of everyday life it can be easy to forget to secure your home from potential burglars. Even small things can make it that bit harder for a burglar to target your home so here of five easy steps you can take. Read more

Protecting Your Business – 3 Security Tips

Your business is your pride and joy right? You put blood, sweat and tears into building it up from nothing into the successful SME it is today. So why is it that 75% of SMEs don’t have adequate security systems in place? Read more

Safes International & Associated Security Solutions Ltd. Team Up!

We are very proud to announce that Safes International and Associated Security Solutions Ltd. have teamed up! This partnership will allow us to deliver the best customer care and service to you, our valued clients. Read more

Welcome to Our Brand New Website!

After years of faithful service we have decided to retire our old website & launch a brand new site! We are delighted to announce that our new website is now up & running – we hope you like it just as much as we do! Read more

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